Have you already experienced the curative power of Ayahuasca and now feel drawn to explore deeper levels of healing? Do you have a particular physical or emotional problem that needs addressing? Join me an a small group of courageous invividuals as we journey five hours up the Ucayali river from the city of Pucallpa to the rural plant spirit medicine center of Shipibo curandero Teobaldo Ochavano Lopez. In this quiet setting you will enter into a nine day 'dieta' in which each person will be individually treated by Teo with different Amazonian herbs from his wide experience of each plants' healing properties. You will eat a bland, non-stimulating diet to encourage the gentle detoxification of body and psyche and approximately every other night you will be able to attend a magical traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremony. The combined effect of these five or six ceremonies will be to enter into a profound process over time to uncover and heal the root causes of disharmonious patterns in your being that cause you distress in your everyday life.

Your Curandero:

Teo is a superior human being with consistantly loving ways, a zealous dedication to traditional Shipibo plant spirit healing practice and a fierce dedication to defending traditional indigenous culture against the ravages of multinational business exploitation and government corruption. Born in 1969 he earned a degree in education in Pucallpa and worked for several years in the field of primary education before respoding to a deeper call from his ancestral roots to become a traditional shaman. With his wife Marina and other members of his extended family he has created a healing center ideal for retreating from the stresses and rush of contemporary western culture. A place to slow down and reconnect with deep, restorative forces of nature and the cosmos. A place to rediscover your own indigenous soul long covered over by the dominant cultural conditioning of the industrial western lifestyle.

The Center:

The name of the center in Shipibo is NOYA RAO which means "The powerful wind of healing". Situated on three hectares of land in an all Shipibo hamlet, Teo and his family have spent years gathering, planting and cultivating a wide variety of Amazonian medicinal plants. It is a place exclusively dedicated to the healing of those who come to visit and preserving the ecological diversity of as much of the local botanical pharmacopia as possible. Living is simple at the center. You will be given a mattress, mosquito net, sheets, blanket and pillow in a communal 'maloca' built of all natural materials from the surrounding forest. Showers are of the bowl and bucket variety in a fully enclosed bathing maloca. Toilets have been of the latrine style but Teo is now working on installing a septic system with running water commodes. Most food is locally produced; fruit from the trees, eggs and meat from the centers' own chickens, fish from the nearby river and a few other groceries and supplies brought in from Pucallpa. The Shipibos prefer food cooked over an open fire although recently a gas range has been purchased as well. There are hammocks to relax in during the day and Teo also organizes walks into the surrounding forests and boat trips to explore the network of rivers and lakes all around the area. The Shipibos are a musical people and Teo often pays his flute backed up by two brothers-in-law on drums.

Ayahuasca ceremonies are held in a special eight-sided ceremonial maloca set apart from the domestic area.

Your guide:

 My name is Martin Stevens and I was was born in England in 1954 to Quaker parents and attended Kings Langly Waldorf School and Emerson College there before emigrating to the USA where I lived for thirty years before moving to Peru in 2006. I am now married to my wonderful Peruvian wife Lourdes and we live in the small Andean village of Coya in the Sacred Valley of the Incas not far from the city of Cusco and the famous ruins of Machu Picchu.

For the story of how I met Teo and his family please read "My healing with Ayahuasca and Amazonian Herbs".

Upcoming journeys:

September 19 through October 3 2008

October 27 through November 10 2008

Cost per person $800 US to include: Being met at Pucallpa airport and escorted to three-star hotel. The following morning escorted to boat dock and thence by riverboat to Teo's healing center. All board, lodging and medicinal plants while at the center, a minimum of five night-time Ayahuasca ceremonies. All translation between English and Spanish as necessary including during ceremonies. On the second to last night we will leave Teo's center at approximately three AM to catch the riverboat back to Pucallpa where we will again stay one night in a three star hotel before catching flights to Lima and home.

Cost does not include travel insurance, airfare, two nights spent in Pucallpa hotel, food while in Pucallpa, taxi rides and any gratuities you my be moved to give.

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